By the time we boarded the Indian Pacific to head across to Western Australia in 2010, I'd graduated to a laptop.

That also came with us when we headed off on road trips that took us to Canberra in May 2011, Cooktown twelve months later and a trip around the ridges and up to Cairns with two Japanese visitors.

But while that was the way to go on road trips, baggage limits and related considerations meant the iPad came into play on return visits to Japan in October/ November 2012 and December 2013, a loop around Southern Tasmania in November 2013, and trips to Europe and Southeast Asia in 2014-15.

Doing these things digitally speeds things up considerably, and allows a much more detailed reportage. 

The Observant Reader will notice things gradually getting larger, with significantly more historical and geographic detail if he or she moves through the content in chronological order.

Up to the point where Apple bundled up iBooks Author with the Mavericks OS update, all that content appeared on the travel blog and The Little House of Concrete web site.

But iBooks Author opened up a new avenue. Having played around with the software and used it to work up an iBook covering the Japan travelogues that became the preferred option.

As a result, we have iBook titles covering all the Travelogue content except field trips to catch concerts in Australia.

They are, however, reasonably hefty documents. The updated incarnation of Over the Horizon: On the Road in Japan that includes our 2015 sojourn runs to over 880 pages. Add Japan 2017 to that, and we'll be up around the 1200 page mark.


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