Skeletons In The Closet

And he had skeletons in the closet.

No, more than just skeletons. 

There was a whole bloody graveyard in there, complete with headstones.

Number One on the ticket came from Moran ’s faction, and the obvious risk that a scandal involving Number Two would take the first preference vote down to a number starting with two had Moran and his mates shitting bricks.

Otherwise around Moran wouldn't be out and about sounding out possible replacements.

And it was evident that any replacement couldn't come from Moran's faction. 

The rest of the factional players would rate that possibility right alongside the use of hessian to produce underwear.

They wouldn't, in other words, wear it.

So Ballantyne wouldn't be the only person Moran was sounding out, and Moran wouldn't be the only player looking for a substitute on the ticket.

Given the state of play, all the other factional players would be looking to safeguard their interests.

So, if Ballantyne decided to run, there was still no guarantee of preselection. 

Then, assuming he gained preselection, there was no chance of getting up unless Labor could draw enough votes from the Coalition to keep them under the magic number.


© Ian Hughes 2017