There are The Blogs, for a start. That's, after all, how the whole thing got rolling. 

That links directly to the various LHoC Blogger sites, which contain material from the different sections of the website under broadly appropriate headings.  There's not a lot of action at the moment because these days the attention is focussed elsewhere.

The big project is About the North, which comes with eight sub-projects at various stages of completion. As each reaches a point where the content justifies publication, iBook and PDF versions will appear under Hughesy's iBooks.

Although four more titles appear under The Fiction Projects, only one is complete to the point where it appears under Hughesy's iBooks. 

Failure to finish things we've embarked on promptly can be blamed on The Travelogues, where each of our trips around Australia and across to Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia is covered in what may well be excessive detail. 

That content should also appear in The Little House of Concrete Hits the Road blog, but time and effort considerations mean that recent trips are still waiting to have their content appear there. While I could take the time and make an effort to get them into the blog that would leave other projects on the back burner.

On the other hand, all that Travelogue content appears under Over the Horizon: The Travelogues in Hughesy’s iBooks, which also offers downloads of the completed fiction and non-fiction projects in iBook and PDF formats.

The LHoC Family of Web Sites sits at the top of sites dedicated to Reading, Travelogues and Wine. 

The Original LHoC contains content that hasn’t been hived off in any of those other directions.

And, finally, Hughesy's Music Pages have been rebadged as Eine Kleine Hughesymuzik.

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