Bit By Bit


Adverbially is there to give The Interested Reader the Who? How? Why? and Where? as far as Hughesy and his various writing projects are concerned.

Hughesy's Writing compartmentalises those projects and will eventually present them in a browser-friendly format, rather than as an iBook or PDF. Our publication list is growing steadily and Hughesy’s iBooks has links to the (reasonably) complete version of each project in those two formats.

In The Fiction Projects, my novel Dirty Work at the Crossroads will be joined by Zen and the Art of Locating the Real Australia once I've finished an extensive rewrite and Ballantyne 

About The North will eventually become a multi-volume project. 

Mapping The North Volume I: To 1788 is  in preparation, with more volumes to follow. Titles in the Historical Resources sections are public domain documents used in the project transferred into a format others may find useful. 

Over the Horizon: The Travelogues presents trip by trip accounts of journeys around The North (The Big Back Yard), across Australia (The Wide Brown Land) and into JapanEurope and Southeast Asia.

Material that was hived off the original Little House of Concrete web site when that became unwieldy can be accessed through The LHoC Family of Web Sites and what wasn't can still be found at The Original LHoC. 

Finally, Eine Kleine Hughesymuzik points towards the rebadged Music Pages while Bowenwood archives the blogs that started this whoole behemoth rolling.

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