Historical Resources: Mapping The North

Journal kept by Jan Carstensz on his voyage to New Guinea     iBook     PDF

George Collingridge The Discovery of Australia (LHoC edition) iBook     PDF

                    The First Discovery of Australia and New Guinea (LHoC edition) iBook     PDF

William Coote History Of The Colony Of Queensland From 1770 To The Close Of The Year 1881

J. E. Heeres The Part Borne by the Dutch in the Discovery of Australia 1606-1765

R. Logan Jack Northmost Australia

                  The Exploration of Cape York Peninsula, 1606-1915

Philip Parker King Narrative Of A Survey Of The Intertropical And Westernn Coasts Of Australia.Performed Between The Years 1818 And 1822. Volume 1     iBook     PDF     Volume 2     iBook     PDF

R.H Major Early Voyages to Terra Australis (LHoC edition) iBook     PDF

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