Friday, 30 November 2007

Arriving at the airport, we found, unsurprisingly, those involved with the check-in procedure were still learning the ropes.

Once boarding commenced, I was somewhat bemused to notice the luggage was being loaded the old conveyor belt way rather than being slotted into place stowed in one of those handy containers which slot neatly into the underbelly of the modern airliner.

Maybe delays associated with baggage handling created the need to fill in time, or perhaps it was a fledgeling airline setting out to reassure travellers they were in the hands of seasoned professionals. 

Whatever the reason was, we ended up with a lengthy address from the flight deck before the aircraft finally departed. 

That combination of factors meant touchdown in Melbourne some three hours later was fashionably late. 

When we arrived in the Baggage Claim area, we found ourselves in a zone that bore more resemblance to a zoo enclosure than the Arrivals area of a contemporary airport. 

Still, for $9.95 you don’t go ‘round expecting the Palazzo Versace.

Once we’d located the luggage, it was time to board the Skybus in search of the accommodation. 

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