Not Guilty

"Well, Brian," Ballantyne responded, "in that case, I can give you an absolute and categorical denial. I haven't been talking to any of Murdoch's minions. Which one was it?"

"That Dutch prick. The one who tries to come across as all reasonable but ..."

"What did he want?"

"Wanted a comment on this envelope he'd received in the mail. Postmarked Katherine, he reckoned, though it may not have been posted there. Had a detailed list of Bugalugs' transgressions, he reckoned."

"So? Surely we were expecting these things to come out in the wash. And probably the best time for 'em to come out. While there's still time to head Bugalugs off at the pass and persuade him to withdraw."

"That's just the point. It seems too convenient. And he was pretty well versed on a few other matters. Five nominations for the two spots on the Senate ticket. Number One and the four others, including you."

"So that couldn't have come from me. I've got six. Number One, Bugalugs, me and three names with question marks."

"But what could have come from you are the gory details about Bugalugs and his little playmates. The stuff your mate George told you."


© Ian Hughes 2017