Mick, Belinda and Dinner

He'd drawn a blank when he tried to contact his son Mick, who was spending his gap year on country in Arnhem Land, but that was to be expected. 

Des had deliberately packed him off somewhere he'd be away from mobile coverage. 

You've got to get 'em off the bloody thing somehow was his response when Mick's indigenous godfather asked whether Des really wanted the kid out there where the phones don't ring.

Belinda had been enthusiastic when advised of the prospect. 

She'd run across some bloke she fancied at Uni in Adelaide. He was looking to get into ANU to do his doctorate, so if Dad happened to have a house in Canberra...

But that was enough for Saturday. 

After an important appointment with Szechuan beef and Kung Po chicken, Mr and Mrs Ballantyne spent the night watching SBS and NITV while young Tammy headed off to some High School-related shindig.


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