The Astute Reader will possibly detect some echoes of titles by John Mortimer that allegedly comprise the memoirs of an Old Bailey hack named Horace Rumpole in the titles below, but there's a dash of Frank Hardy's Yarns of Billy Borker in the delivery.

Dr Desmond Patrick Ballantyne gives a brief biography of this entirely fictional character.

Ballantyne's Background delivers the back story of a remarkable family and provides a location for background information that would otherwise intrude on a developing narrative.

Ballantyne and The Factional Heavyweight leads up to Ballantyne's preselection as #2 on the ALP's Senate ticket for the 2019 Federal election.

Ballantyne and the Family Tree forms a prequel to that, prompted by the 2017 Section 44 parliamentary eligibility kerfuffle.

Ballantyne and the Sanctity of the Confessional follows his preselection and covers matters raised by the Royal Commission into childhood sexual abuse.

Ballantyne and the Unused Franking Credits

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