Another Phone Call

A week out from the meeting that would make the decision there were four hats in the ring, though polite enquiries through his sources failed to deliver confirmed identities for the other two. 

The best Ballantyne had been able to manage was a trio of names, each of them with a question mark.

Pressed further on the matter, the Secretary, who had received the nominations and could confirm that there were four of them, came out with a You know I can't tell you that and shut up like a clam.

So when the mobile rang on Thursday night, and the caller ID identified Moran, Ballantyne suspected something was up, but couldn't be sure what it was.

But while Ballantyne might not have known the identities of the other two candidates, he did know two of the question marks were attached to people Moran was known to have approached. 

"So, Brian, what can I do for you?" seemed like an appropriate opening.

"You were behind this, weren't you."

"I'm afraid I'll need a definition of this before I can confirm anything, old mate."

"This phone call I got this afternoon from that prick at The Australian."


© Ian Hughes 2017