Give Me A Week

"But that's what you're saying, eh? As opposed to asking me to run so you'll have a stronger campaign and have a shot at keeping their vote down below 33% so we might just pick up both seats."*

Moran declined to comment, so Ballantyne went on.

"But we know where we stand. Give me a week to think it over. But let's be clear on one thing. If I run, and I'm not saying I will, if I run, I'm running to win. Which means both seats."

Moran started to say something, but Ballantyne wasn't about to let him get a word in edgewise. 

"Give me a week to think things over, make some calls, talk to a few people. The family for a start. Dad and my uncle and the other people tied up with the family trust. My superiors in the Army Reserve, Figure out how things stand and what the chances, the actual chances, are. And give me a call back next Saturday. No. Make that Sunday."

Moran nodded. There wasn't much else he could do.

"Yeah, Sunday, about the same time. I'm in Darwin for Army Reserve business Friday and Saturday morning. Might be back just after lunch Saturday, but that's not definite. Lynette wants to go shopping Saturday morning, and we can't leave till she's finished. Might not get away until after lunch. Make it Sunday."

And that was that. 

* The Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory both have two seats in Australia's Upper House (the Senate) and they're up for re-election in every Federal election, as opposed to the six states, who have twelve. Six of them are up for re-election at a Half-Senate election every three years. 


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