Dealing with Dirt Files

Moran, however, wasn't about to name names.

"Don't know which ones. Doesn't matter. Any of the gins the Tories are scraping up to run for the Assembly in one of those seats out there...."

A dismissive wave of the hand indicated what Moran thought of those communities out there.

"But whichever one it is, about halfway through the campaign she'll come out with the bombshell. Then the NT News'll splash it all over the front page, the southern media will play it up, our vote goes down through the floorboards, and the Tories are one seat closer to controlling both houses."

"So you're conceding the Reps."

"That's not the point..."

"True. The point is you want me to resign my commission in the Army Reserve..."

"No need to go that far."

"If you're going to do these things you do them properly. So I resign my commission, shut down my practice for a month or two..."

"No need to go that far either."

"And go out and hit the campaign trail to prop up the vote, so it doesn't fall below 33%, and your mate loses his seat."

"Well if you put it like that..."


© Ian Hughes 2017