And More...

Things blow out a bit at Ones (currently right on 1500), Twos (10037 and falling) and Threes (10079 and rising). Needless to say I'm currently playing my way through the Twos, and once the counter hits the 10000 mark, I'll switch to the next one up, looking for things on the Recently Added playlist that I need to review.

Keep working through things that way and soon enough you'll be back with a fraternal sibling named Robert. I find it helps to have an less arbitary cut-off point at which you hop onto the next step, but there you (may or may not) go.

But it's at that point where the Unheard count is minimal that the New Paradigm cuts in. Despite the fact that I've got plenty of music to listen to I'm still buying my share, and I'll be reviewing most of what I buy over there in Reviews and posting selected extracts in Hughesy's Newsletter

Purchases start to kick in early in the month, when the latest copies of Mojo and Rhythms arrive on the premises. They're not the only sources of information, of course, but they're the most likely source for multiple systematic purchases rather than the odd off the cuff decision.

That means prior to their arrival the decks have to be cleared, Unheard down to stuff all, Ones sitting on 1500, 1200 or wherever we are on the path to a month-to-month zero count, Twos and Threes on their 10000 and everything else on a nice round number. 

New purchases arrive, are backed up, and filter their way up through the process, producing website content and newsletter material. 

And, along the way, some of the stuff that's sitting there in the music library is going to go. It'll have to, at least until the iMac gets replaced. At that point, of course, self discipline is going to be vital. There's no way we're going to be letting that 27000 escalate up into six figures, is there?

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