And Yet More Again...

Armed with the information from those two magazines it was a simple matter of getting to know the people in the music section of the one electrical store in town that dabbled in such matters and browsing the Platterlog in search of stuff I'd read about.

The best (or worst, depending on how you like your bank balance) thing about that era was the reappearance of large numbers of titles that'd long been out of print in the vinyl department on CD. A year or two after I'd tracked down a non-second hand (I'd had two and played them into the ground) brand new copy of Forever Changes (Japanese import and priced accordingly through an import business operating out of Hobart) there it was on CD, believe it or not, as a nice price release.

The conversion process from analogue to digital wasn't always given the care and attention it deserved, however, but as time went by there were re-masters and compilations that were guaranteeing that you'd be buying parts of your collection again and again.

And around 1995, lurking in the background was this thing called the Internet which everybody was hearing about, a strange frontier offering something that wasn't defined, but was going to be the next big thing. How big, and how pervasive it would become was something that few people imagined.

Thanks to some significant increases in teacher salaries I was finally in a position where the finances could cover a fair bit of self-indulgence and a new computer and modem bought as part of the process of setting up my own business as an agent for an Apple reseller in Brisbane launched me into cyberspace in 1995.

In part because of the computer business, but mainly because I was going to need a place of my own paid off before I retired September 1995 saw me moving out of teacher accommodation into the Full 360, which marks the obvious transition point leading into the Internet Years.

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