The Travelogues 2

Luminaria.jpgThe original intention was to have the contents of The Travelogues and The Little House of Concrete Hits the Road blog sitting nicely where they sit, so that visitors to the site could read them on-line. That notion still persists, and clicking on Travelogues will still take you to, um, travelogue content.

And, if you're reading the site on an iPad or other tablet-type device, your browser should still allow you to do that.

The arrival of the iPad, and Apple's subsequent bundling of iBooks Author with the Mavericks OS update opened up a new avenue. Having played around with the software and used it to work up an iBook covering the Japan travelogues I'm rather chuffed with the result, and it will, at some point, be available through the iTunes Store (for free). That won't happen until I've finished the Glossary, which will form a handy reference or aide memoire for me whenever I'm on the road over there. It'll take a while to go through the contents with a fine tooth comb and ensure everything that should be in the Glossary is actually in The Glossary, which means the at some point above is likely to be a point in the reasonably distant future. In the meantime, clicking on Over the Horizon: On the Road in Japan Travelogue will get you to the top of the relevant section of the website, iBook will get you the iBook version, while PDF will deliver the same content in a non-proprietary format.

At some point in the future there'll be an equivalent iBook titled Over the Horizon: Across the Wide Brown Land and Around the Big Back Yard, but at this point in time that content sits quietly in the Travelogues, waiting its turn in the spotlight.

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