Japan 2008

It’s at this point, folks, that we really begin debunking the notion that Hughesy is, or was, travel-averse. That’s not to suggest there wasn’t a certain amount of apprehension when you’re looking at a couple of weeks in an environment with no immediate prospect of escape if you don’t ilke what’s going down, but from the moment we touched down at Kansai International, as the following travelogue shows, I had a great time, and would have happily headed back at any time in the period between arriving back Down Under and the next excursion in that direction (earthquakes, tsunamis and aftershocks notwithstanding)..

Tuesday, 1 April Bowen > Townsville

Wednesday, 2 April Townsville > Cairns

Thursday, 3 April Cairns > Kobe

Friday, 4 April Kobe > Osaka > Kobe

Saturday, 5 April Kobe > Himeji > Kobe

Sunday, 6 April Kobe > Kyoto > Kobe

Monday, 7 April Kobe > Kanazawa

Tuesday, 8 April Kanazawa > Takayama

Wednesday, 9 April Takayama > Nagoya

Thursday, 10 April Nagoya > Hakone

Friday, 11 April Hakone > Tokyo > Kitakami

Saturday, 12 April Kitakami

Sunday, 13 April Kitakami > Tokyo > Kobe

Monday, 14 April Kobe

Tuesday, 15 April Kobe > Kyoto

Wednesday 16 April Kyoto > Nara

Thursday 17 April Nara > Kobe

Friday 18 April Kobe > Southport

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