Robert Stone

Having pushed Robert Stone’s Bay of Souls to one side (one of the problems with short term library loans when you’re not quite in the mood for something and it has to go back to the Gold Coast library since you’re off to Bowen in the near future) it now seems I need to give it another go or explore some of the other titles by a man who literary critic Harold Bloom rates as one the best living writers in America.

There’s also a Beat Generation/Ken Kesey affiliation I wasn’t previously aware of that’ll make his Prime Green: Remembering the Sixties a source to tie in with my Interesting Times project and the New Orleans setting of his first novel, with subsequent works set in Vietnam and Central America lead me to suspect I picked the wrong place, time and title to start with.


  • Bay Of Souls, or at least part of it. If I'd actually bought it, I might have been inclined to finish this story about a vaguely discontented college professor who steps out of his marriage to have an affair with a newly-arrived female colleague, but I lost interest before they got to the voodoo smuggling Third World corruption bit in the Caribbean.

Investigate availability of:

A Hall of Mirrors  (1967)

Dog Soldiers (1974)

A Flag for Sunrise (1981)

Children of Light (1986)

Outerbridge Reach (1992)

Bear and His Daughter (short stories) (1997)

Damascus Gate (1998) 

Prime Green: Remembering the Sixties (2007)

Fun with Problems (short stories) (2010)

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