Stuart MacBride

Self-proclaimed bearded write-ist and love monkey Stuart MacBride hit a publishing deal on the basis of Halfhead, although his publishers were more interested in DS Logan MacRae's first outing in Cold Granite, which resulted in a three-book deal, later extended to six, then eight in the Logan MacRae series plus two standalone titles.

Prior to embarking on this series of crime thrillers set in the Aberdeen he's followed an interesting career path, scrubbing toilets on offshore drilling platforms, with spells in graphic and web design and the IT sector before settling down to write and grow potatoes.

Logan McRae:

Cold Granite (2005)

Dying Light (2006)

Broken Skin (aka Bloodshot) (2007)

Flesh House (2008)

Blind Eye (2009)

Dark Blood (2010)

Shatter The Bones (2011)

Other works:

Sawbones (2008)

Halfhead (2009)

Birthdays for the Dead (2012)

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