Martin Cruz Smith

Here’s a case where the relative infrequency of Hughesy’s visits to a decent book shop kicks in. It must be twenty-something years since I read Gorky Park and first encountered Renko, 


  • Three Stations, a neat little thriller which has Arkady Renko back in Moscow and, unsurprisingly, under threat of suspension or dismissal. In the same general vicinity also a teenage prostitute on the run from the Russian Mafia who’s just had her baby hijacked, a couple of thugs out to get her back, Renko’s chess-shark ward, an attractive female journalist, a billionaire, and a psychopath whose paths intertwine. Renko’s as good as ever...

On my shelves:

Romano Grey books

Gypsy in Amber (1971)

Canto for a Gypsy (1972)

Arkady Renko series :

Gorky Park (1981)

Polar Star (1989)

Red Square (1992)

Havana Bay (1999)

Wolves Eat Dogs (2004)

Stalin's Ghost (2007)

Other titles:

Nightwing (1977)

Stallion Gate (1986) 

Rose (1996)

Tokyo Station (2002)

Investigate availability of:

The Inquisitor Series (as Simon Quinn):

The Devil in Kansas (1974) 

The Last Time I Saw Hell (1974) 

Nuplex Red (1974) 

His Eminence, Death (1974) 

The Midas Coffin (1975) 

Last Rites for the Vulture (1975) 

Other books:

The Indians Won (1970)

Analog Bullet (1972)

Inca Death Squad (1972) (as Nick Carter)

The Devil's Dozen (1973) (as Nick Carter)

The Human Factor (1975) (as Simon Quinn)

The Wilderness Family (1975) (as Martin Quinn)

Ride for Revenge (a Slocum western) (1977) (as Jake Logan)

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