John Tully

With a background in construction and heavy industry Socialist academic John Tully ( a lecturer in Politics and History at Victoria University) has, as the bibliography below indicates, a serious interest in South-east Asian history, and given the Cambodian content (with rubber as a significant Cambodian export) it probably comes as no surprise to learn he's curently (or was, according to the ubiquitous Wikipedia) working on a social history of the city that processes around half the world's rubber (Struggle City USA: A Social History of Akron, Ohio). Hopefully, on the basis of Dark Clouds on the Mountain, he'll have a chance to bring out some more fiction as well.


Cambodia Under the Tricolour: King Sisowath and the 'Mission Civilisatrice', 1904-1927

France on the Mekong: A History of the Protectorate in Cambodia, 1863-1953

A Short History of Cambodia: From Empire to Survival

The Devil's Milk: A Social History of Rubber


Death Is the Cool Night

Dark Clouds on the Mountain

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