Noel Mealey

Retired construction engineer Mealey's protagonist is Vietnam vet and child abuse survivor Syd Fielding, originally (Murder and Redemption) who has ended up (The Icon Murders) as the head of a powerful Federal agency dealing with illegal drugs. Having read the second title first, Hughesy's advice is to get the sequence right if you want to avoid getting bogged down in the who, what and why of a rather complex back story.


  • The Icon Murders (2013), where Inspector Fielding is being set up as a prime suspect in a series of murders that have links to his childhood in a West Australian orphanage. The victims are all involved in child sex offences, the deaths, scattered across the continent, coincide with Fielding's travel itinerary and forensic evidence linking him to the crimes keeps turning up. Predictably, he manages to solve the matter and execute a significant drug bust as well. An interesting read, and it's obvious I need to go back to the earlier title. I'm not, however, sure whether the situation at the end of this title has the legs to morph into an ongoing series.

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