Peter Corris

Listing the prolific Corris' extensive bibliography hereabouts is an act of aspiration rather than intent, but titles have a habit of turning up, I've got a fair few on my bookshelves, and there's a general ambition to get more.

So I need a way of keeping track, don't I?

Cliff Hardy series:

1980 The Dying Trade 

1981 White Meat 

1982 The Marvelous Boy 

1983 The Empty Beach 

1984 Heroin Annie and other Cliff Hardy stories

1985 The Big Drop and other Cliff Hardy Stories   Make Me Rich

1986 Deal Me Out   The Greenwich Apartments 

1987 The January Zone 

1988 The Man in the Shadows   Man in the Shadows and Other Stories 

1990 O'Fear 

1991 Aftershock   Wet Graves   The Big Score: Cliff Hardy Cases

1992 Beware of the Dog 

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