Magdalen Nabb

English-born potter Magdalen Nabb moved to Florence in the mid-seventies, and while she didn’t speak Italian on arrival presumably picked up enough of the language to converse with the model for Marshal Guarnaccia at the Carabinieri station close to her home. Those conversations, apparently, provided the basis for an entertaining series. While I’m not heading out to grab ‘em all, I’ll certainly be reading any that I happen across, which means, yes, there's a bit of duplication between the content here and what appears over on the Library Fiction pages, but it's all about keeping track of things, isn't it?

Death of an Englishman (1981)

Death of a Dutchman (1982)

Death in Springtime (1983)

Death in Autumn (1985)

The Marshal and the Murderer (1987)

The Marshal and the Madwoman (1988)

The Marshal's Own Case (1990)

The Marshal Makes His Report (1991)

The Marshal at the Villa Torrini (1993)

The Monster of Florence (1996)

Property of Blood (1999)

Some Bitter Taste (2002)

The Innocent (2005)

Vita Nuova (2008)

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