Unfortunately, She Was Also Wired for Sound (1982) (a.k.a. Confirmed Bachelors Are Just So Fascinating and Dressed for Failure, I See)

The Wreck of the “Rusty Nail” (1983 (a.k.a. A Farewell to Alms and Sir, I’m Worried About Your Mood Swings)

You Give Great Meeting, Sid (1983 (a.k.a. Guess Who, Fish Face and The Thrill Is Gone, Bernie)

Check Your Egos at the Door (1985)

That’s Doctor Sinatra, You Little Bimbo! (1986)

Death of a Party Animal (1986)

Downtown Doonesbury (1987)

Calling Dr. Whoopee (1988)

Talkin’ About My G-G-Generation (1988)

We’re Eating More Beets! (1988)

Read My Lips, Make My Day, Eat Quiche and Die! (1989)

Give Those Nymphs Some Hooters! (1989)

You’re Smokin’ Now, Mr. Butts! (1990)

I’d Go With the Helmet, Ray (1991)

Welcome to Club Scud! (1991)

What Is It Tink, Is Pan in Trouble? (1992)

Quality Time on Highway 1 (1993)

Washed Out Bridges and Other Disasters (1994)

In Search of Cigarette Holder Man (1994)

Doonesbury Nation (1995)

Virtual Doonesbury (1996)

Planet Doonesbury (1997)

Buck Wild Doonesbury (1999)

Duke 2000: Whatever it Takes (2000)

The Revolt of the English Majors (2001)

Peace Out, Dawg! (2002)

Got War? (2003)

Talk to the Hand (2004)

Heckuva Job, Bushie! (2006)

Welcome to the Nerd Farm (2007)

Tee Time in Berzerkistan (2009)

Red Rascal's War (2011)


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