Stephen Booth

After twenty-seven years working as a journalist (a profession he took up after a spell as a trainee teacher, wise move that) Stephen Booth turned to writing fiction as a full-time occupation in 2001. He'd written his first novel at the ripe old age of twelve, but from 2000's Black Dog he's concentrated his efforts on the Cooper and Fry series, set in Derbyshire's Peak District.

The Cooper and Fry books have been an interesting read, and I'd probably be looking at his other, earlier, work, which seems to have managed to escape publication do far.


Cooper and Fry series:

Black Dog (2000)

Dancing with the Virgins (2001)

Blood on the Tongue (2002)

Blind to the Bones (2003)

One Last Breath (2004)

The Dead Place (2005)

Scared to Live (2006)

Dying to Sin (2007)

The Kill Call (2009)

Lost River (2010)

The Devil's Edge (2011)

Dead and Buried (2012)

Already Dead (2013)

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