Ben Elton

While I’d caught some of The Young Ones, Blackadder slipped by largely unnoticed by Hughesy, although there was enough fuss about the name Ben Elton to ensure some degree of familiarity. I recalled something about The First Casualty, and picked it up when it appeared in the el cheapo section of Southport’s QBD. Based on what I’ve read I won’t be hunting the rest of the titles down. They seem to be pleasant enough pot-boilers so if I’m in the Library looking for something to read and can’t find anything else...


  • Meltdown, which views the Global Financial Crisis through the prism of futures trader Jimmy Corby and his University chums, bankers, New Labour, cash for honours, private schooling, immigration and the 2005‘s G8 concert. An obvious take on an obvious target. You (or rather, I) can see why it sells, but it’s not the sort of stuff I’m inclined to buy.

On My Shelves

The First Casualty (2005)

Other titles:

Stark (1989)

Gridlock (1991)

This Other Eden (1993)

Popcorn (1996)

Blast from the Past (1998)

Inconceivable (1999)

Dead Famous (2001)

High Society (2002)

Past Mortem (2004)

Chart Throb (2006)

Blind Faith (2007)

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