Short Story Collections, Young Adult Fiction, Children's Fiction

Short Story Collections for Adults:

Approaches (1981)

The Difference to Me (1988)

Flamingo Gate (1991)

Straight, Bent and Barbara Vine (crime stories, 1997)

Young Adult Fiction:

Blame the Wind (1995)

Restless: Stories of Flight and Fear (1995)

The Half Dead (illustrated, 1997)

The Apostle Bird (1997)

The Divine Wind (1998)

From Your Friend, Louis Deane (2000)

Moondyne Kate (2001)

Eva’s Angel (2003)

Two-Way Cut (crime, 2004)

Children’s Fiction

The Bamboo Flute (1992)

Ratface (1993)

Ermyntrude Takes Charge (republished as Good One, Erm) (1995)

Walk Twenty, Run Twenty (1996)

Maddie Finn (2002)

Switchcat (picture book, 1994)

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