Keith Roberts

English science fiction writer and illustrator Keith Roberts is best known for his second novel, Pavane, a collection of linked stories where the Catholic Church has seized control of England after the assassination of Elizabeth I, but he wrote a number of other novels and short stories, which would be, on the strength of Pavane, worth tracking down though there doesn’t appear to be much of his work still in print..


  • Pavane, six loosely-linked stories set in an alternate reality based on the idea that Elizabeth I was assassinated just before the arrival of the Spanish Armada. Britain and the rest of continental Europe continue to be dominated by Catholicism until the 1960s when the events in these stories bring about the downfall of the old regime. An interesting read, and I'd look at other titles by the same author.

Investigate availability of:

The Furies (1966)

Anita (1970)

The Inner Wheel (1970)

The Boat of Fate (1971) 

The Chalk Giants (1975)

Molly Zero (1980)

Kiteworld (1985)

Kaeti & Company (1986)

Gráinne (1987)

The Road to Paradise (1988)

Kaeti On Tour (1992) 

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