More Cliff Hardy Titles

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White Meat (1981)

The Empty Beach (1983) (Kindle)

Deal Me Out (1986) (iTunes) (Kindle)

The Cliff Hardy Omnibus (1988)

The Man in the Shadows (1988) 

Man in the Shadows and Other Stories (1988)

O'Fear (1990)

Beware of the Dog (1992) (iTunes audiobook) (

Burn: And Other Stories (1993)

Casino (1994)

Forget Me If You Can: Cliff Hardy Stories (1997)

The Washington Club (1997) (iTunes audiobook) (

The Black Prince (1998) (iTunes audiobook) (

The Other Side of Sorrow (1999)(iTunes audiobook) (

Lugarno (2001) (iTunes audiobook)(

Salt and Blood (2002)

Taking Care of Business (2004)

The Big Score: Cliff Hardy Cases (1991) (iTunes) (Kindle)

Open File (2008) (iTunes) (Kindle)

Deep Water (2010) (iTunes) (Kindle)

Follow the Money (2011) (iTunes) (Kindle)

Comeback (2012) (iTunes)(Kindle)

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