Heart Matters: Personal stories about that heart-stopping moment (ed. with Michael Wilding)

Fred Hollows: an autobiography (with Fred Hollows)

Fighting for Fraser Island: the autobiography of John Sinclair (with John Sinclair)

Ray Barrett (with Ray Barrett)

True Crime:

Mad Dog; William Cyril Moxley and the Moorebank Killings (iTunes) (Kindle)


Sweet & Sour: A diabetic life


Best on Ground: Great writers on the great game (ed. with John Dale) (iTunes, not that I’m likely to be interested) (Kindle)

Lords of the Ring: A social history of prize fighting in Australia

The Picador Book of Golf, ed. (with Jamie Grant)

Ringside, ed. (with Barry Parish)

Pacific History:

Passage, Port and Plantation : a history of Solomon Islands labour migration

The South Sea Islanders and the Queensland Labour Trade

The Cruise of the Helena : a labour-recruiting voyage to the Solomon Islands

The Journal of John Sweatman : a nineteenth century surveying voyage

Lightning Meets the West Wind: the Malaita Massacre (with Roger Keesing)

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