Edward Sklepowich

American academic Edward Sklepowich may split his time between interesting locations like Tunisia and Venice, when he’s not in New York, and have picked up a deep love of Venice (that’s his mother’s Italian heritage kicking in) but exotic locations don’t necessarily translate into interesting reading. .


  • The Last Gondola, a mystery in which Urbino Macintyre delves into the past of the mysterious Samuel Possle. Not really my scene, didn't like the characters much, and doubt I'll be investigating any further.
  • The Veils of Venice turned up on the Recent Arrivals display at the entrance to the local library, and I weakened to the point of borrowing it. Don't know why, as this little dabble into the murky and gothic depths of family intrigue and the need to clear a wrongfully accused suspect meanders along without creating too much interest or tension. Definitely not my scene.

Other titles:

Death in a Serene City (1990)

Farewell to the Flesh (1991)

Liquid Desires (1993)

Black Bridge (1995)

Death in the Palazzo (1997)

Deadly to the Sight (2002)

Frail Barrier (2007)

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