Oliver Harris


  • The Hollow Man (2011) with a back cover that reads Detective Nick Besley is broke, the situation that drives much of the action in the book. He’s on the verge of bankruptcy and suspension from the Metropolitan Police when he wakes up massively hungover, having crashed a squad car and presumably having it off with the boss's wife when a missing person report comes in on London's most prestigious street. Given the dire straits he's in, it probably makes sense to use the place as a temporary hideout and the largesse that's on hand as a source of funds. He's headed for the chop anyway, isn't he? 

As he takes advantage of a temporary windfall he starts to uncover some interesting issues regarding a Russian oligarch as people around him are being surgically removed by a mysterious sniper. There are some credibility issues with the story line (he seems strangely free of supervision despite the issues he has with Internal Affairs) but I'll be interested to see what happens if and when there's a follow-up.

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