Roddy Doyle

While the list of authors on the left might strike the average reader as impressive there are holes in Hughesy's reading large enough to drive a fleet of semitrailers through. Much of that is due to a disinclination to head straight for the Best Sellers list, or to grab titles with an obvious cinematic link.

I'm not sure which of those factors was responsible for my missing the early Roddy Doyle novels, but I'd certainly noted their presence on the shelves in various book shops and I have vague memories of seeing the filmed version of The Commitments, and while I knew the author's name it wasn't until I spotted a review of Oh Play That Thing in the Weekend Australian that I headed off in search of a copy.

To date the Henry Smart series (The Last Roundup) is as far as I've got with Mr Doyle, though there's every possibility I'll grab something off the shelves in a library at some point in the future.

The Barrytown Trilogy:

The Commitments (1987)

The Snapper (1990) 

The Van (1991) 

Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha (1993) 

Paula Spencer novels:

The Woman Who Walked into Doors (1996) 

Paula Spencer (2006) 

The Last Roundup:

A Star Called Henry (1999)

Oh, Play That Thing! (2004)

The Dead Republic (2010) 

Short story collections

The Deportees and Other Stories (2007)

Bullfighting (2011)


Click (2007)


Rory and Ita 

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