Wine RackAnd, currently very much out of date due to changes in my wine buying habits, we have The Little House of Concrete Wine Rack, something I put together for my own use, with space for some of the wine-related rants from the old Telstra BigBlog site and details of wineries we’ve visited and bottles I’ve sampled.

The Interested Reader, supposing such an individual exists, will find a collection of blog rants and wine-related articles, a discussion of the various wine clubs I’ve been inveigled into joining, a state by state examination of wineries we’ve visited, tasting notes, a look at wine ratings, and a list of the best I’ve sampled (or had, up to the point where the wheels fell off the tasting notes), along with the beginnings of a Wine Dictionary.

The latter exercise has been rendered largely irrelevant with the publication of the Jancis Robinson Wine Varieties tome, expensive, magisterial, and much more thorough than anything I could manage to put together.

And, bottle by bottle, the Winedex, covering wines discussed through the rest of the Wine Pages...

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