Five mornings a week (weather permitting) you’ll find me out on the streets of downtown Bowen.


When I return to base it’s a case of turning what I’ve managed to nut out over the course of the preceding hour or so into something that’ll appear on these pages. On a good day that can translate into between eight hundred and two thousand words of usable content. I've been doing that for nearly eight years now, and the process has resulted in a vast quantity of verbiage on a number of topics, presented in a variety of formats.

Some of it ends up on one of the Little House of Concrete family of blog sites, with a copy filed  in the relevant section of the website. That content tends to be reviews of things I’ve drunk, read, listened to and watched. The Blogs links to those musings, and a backup of same material appears in the relevant LHoC website.

Then there are the larger, ongoing or finished projects, available in a couple of formats.

Hughesy’s iBooks has the links to download the finished projects as an iPad/tablet-friendly iBook or a PDF file. There are separate sections devoted to my Fiction and Non-Fiction projects, as well as Historical Resources and the Over the Horizon series of travelogues.

In each area, you’ll find the same content presented in a web browser friendly formatas well as an iPad/tablet-friendly  download.

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