VinylSince I started collecting in late 1966 I’ve spent countless hours listening, reading and reflecting on rock’n’roll, blues, jazz and other music.

Along the way I’ve accumulated an abundance of opinions (Rants), thoughts about musical matters (Reflections), memories (Reminiscences), historical information and re-examinations (Rear Views & Retrospectives), Reviews and obituaries (R.I.P.). As well, there’s an extravagant writing project in progress but currently in long term limbo (Thirty-One Themes). I’ll probably get back to it, but I’m not sure when.

Then there’s the content generated for The Little House of Concrete Music blog, most of which ends up being recycled under in the Reviews.

Apart from the Reviews and the R.I.P. just about everything else in this part of the site came into being as avenues to structure my listening and reading about music and provide opportunities for reflection on what I’ve read and heard over the years. 

As such, articles appearing under Retrospectives and Thirty-One Themes are particularly likely to be modified based on further reading, listening and reflection as new books turn up on the bookshelves and new music is added to the collection.

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