How? (The Structure)

WebsiteLike Topsy, it just grew.

And grew into an almost bewildering variety of sections that do nasty things to navigation bars, which is why we have what amounts to a family of websites and blogs all clustered under the Little House of Concrete umbrella, along with a couple of iBook titles that I’m quietly rather proud of, so we’ve started a restructure that’ll keep things in reasonably-sized sections that will play nicely with important considerations like file size and bandwidth.

Hughesy’s iBooks offers downloads of fiction and non-fiction projects in iBook and PDF formats.

The Writing gived you an overview of the various Fiction and Non-Fiction projects.

The LHoC Family of Websites sits at the top of sites dedicated to music, reading, travel and wine. Predictably, you can also access the respective entities through Music, Reading, Travelogues and Wine.

The Blogs links directly to the various LHoc Blogger sites, which contain material from the various sections of the website under broadly appropriate headings.

The Original LHoC contains content that hasn’t been hived off into Music, Reading, Travelogues and Wine and, predictably, those headings up there in the menu bar contain the content that has…

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