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Which is, I’d suggest, one reason why the submissions to the Study will be numbered in the dozens rather than the hundreds.

Given the expected growth in Bowen’s population, I think it’s fair to assume that some residential and commercial developments over the next twenty years will be the subject of considerable controversy. 

It would be extremely helpful if some of the “big picture” issues were identified and clearly-elucidated decisions about future directions made before proposals for major residential and commercial developments start flooding in.

Rather than having developers arriving on Council’s doorstep announcing “I want to build this shopping complex/warehouse development/ high rise residential block on this block of land here” we need the situation where the script runs something like this:

Developer: I’m interested in building a shopping complex in Bowen...

Council: Wonderful! Now you’d be looking at a site somewhere around here. (points to clearly-defined zonal map) Or possibly over there. You’ll notice that by locating your complex there you’ll be able to maximise... On the other hand, if you were to choose to go here, you’d miss out on ... but you’d pick up ...”

In other words we want the situation where, rather than dictating their own terms, developers are told what they can do and where they can do it.

We need to know in advance which areas they’re likely to be directed towards and what the ground rules are going to be.

And we need to know that well before the “Bowen Boom” really begins.

 © Ian Hughes 2014