I woke up one morning in 2008 with unusually clear memories of an odd dream that involved a number of teenage kids throwing stones at a TV camera crew.

When I needed something to ponder on my walk that morning I turned my thoughts to the recollections associated with the dream, in an attempt to figure out who these kids could have been and what might have been taking place around them.

From there, the project has moved on in fits and starts, and as I continue sorting out the way the contents of the website are presented I’ve started another attempt at the various fiction projects.

Most of them are stuck somewhere between the point where I’ve made a start with a rough idea of where I’m likely to go and somewhere short of actually getting the plot line sorted out to a finishing point. I have a general idea of where each story’s going, but I’m less sure of how the narrative will actually get there.

So, with this particular story, we have a roughly Hughesy-identifiable community radio presenter who gets himself caught up in some kind of conflict between a couple of major players, some of whom may have links to organized crime and/or outlaw motorcycle gangs.