As in, Where do you find things? Or, alternatively, What’s under those headings over on the left?


Here's your handy guide to the LHoC websites.

If you’ve stumbled across this site and aren’t aware of who you’re dealing with you may well have already visited the Who? How? What? and Why? on your way here and since RapidWeaver offers a Site Map that updates when a new page is added, putting one right at the top of things was a no-brainer.

Hughesy's iStuff is a location for material in an iPad friendly format, while The Writing has links to the Blogs and the various fiction and non-fiction projects I’ve embarked on.

Although much of the original content has been slotted in elsewhere there’s still a bit of the original structure I kicked off with in The Original LHoC Content. The Wine Pages are there to remind me of places I’ve been and wines I’ve sampled, while The Music Pages cover one of the other great passions of Hughesy’s life. The Reading Pages discuss some of the content that has found its way onto the bookshelves hereabouts or passed through the premises on loan from the Library.

Bowenwood was, initially, my weekly blog recounting what happened when Baz Luhrmann, Nicole Kidman and Hugh came to Bowen for six weeks in June 2007. The Telstra site that housed them is long gone, but they’re preserved for posterity over there. Photo albums as well, thanks to Blue and Warbo.

Having spent about twenty-five years in Bowen, Bowen, Twenty-Five Years On looks at some of the development issues that’ll shape what Bowen looks like in 2035.

Each time we head off on a trip I set out to place something about where we went and what we did on the record, and the results can be found in The Travelogues, while I’ve attempted to index much of the content in, predictably, The Index.