When I started porting things over I had labelled this iteration of the site LHoC 2.0, but I guess, after http.littlehouseofconcrete.bigblog.com.au (which went belly up when we changed ISPs), the first .Mac/MobileMe site and the LHoC family of blogs referenced below, it’s actually 4.0.

All the content from the MobileMe site is here now, but there have, perforce, been ‘changes to the layout, which means things may be structured a little differently than they were’, largely due to the way RapidWeaver handles navigation bars. That’s only an issue if you haven’t visited the place recently.

The content you’ll find in the navigation bar to the left is self-explanatory, but it’s not always easy to find things I’ve just added.

Pasted Graphic

Much of the content will inevitably find its way onto one of the blog sites, so if you’re after the latest on what I’ve been reading, allow me to point you to The Little House of Concrete Bookshelves. I’ve also been reading quite a bit on loan from the local library, which doesn’t always attract a review, although I need a reminder of what I’ve read. You’ll find the relevant detail here.

If you’re after the most recent travelogue you’ll find it at The Little House of Concrete Hits the Road.

Culinary content occasionally finds its way into The Little House of Concrete Kitchen, but there’s regular updating of The Little House of Concrete Music as I finish a review of something new or revisit something from the distant past.

The Little House of Concrete Sports Desk really only operates in the cricket season, and tasting notes have been put on hold as far as The Little House of Concrete Wine Rack is concerned, largely due to changes in my buying pattern, but they’ll undoubtedly be back.

Finally, if anyone’s interested in the socio-political ramblings of an unrepentant, unapologetic superannuated hippie, you’ll find the vey occasional rant at The People's Republic of the LHOC.