Most of this site is concerned with my various writing projects.

Five mornings a week (weather permitting) you’ll find me out on the streets of downtown Bowen and when I return to base it’s a case of into the Office, rear into gear and turn what I’ve managed to nut out over the course of the preceding hour or so into something that’ll appear on these pages. On a good day that can translate into between eight hundred and two thousand words of usable content. I've been doing that for close to five years now, and the process has resulted in a vast quantity of verbiage on a number of topics, far more than I could accommodate in the old Little House of Concrete scenario.

The Fiction runs through various projects. Much of what’s there is based around the imagined existence of an almost Bowen called Denison, starting with Dirty Work at the Crossroads, and the sequel, Desperate Days at the Crossroads, then moving on to The Denison Saga. There are references to the same location in The Alien Story, and when we start looking at sequels to Dirty Work and Desperate Days that’s where they’re going to happen.

I’m also most of the way through The Real Australia, something that dates back to a course at JCUNQ in 1971 called Problems in Australian History. The new version is as much about degenerate student lifestyles in the early to mid-seventies as it is about the alleged topic, and there’ll be links hereabouts once the first draft’s complete.

Those other fiction projects are somewhere between a first draft and a final version and most of the writing I’ve been churning out on a day to day basis has tended to fall into a number of non-fiction categories.

The most grandiose is Interesting Times, an examination of themes and events over the past sixty years, sorting them into a wider context - the collapse of the five Cs I see as characterising the society in which I grew up. Much of what’s currently included is drawn from the ubiquitous Google and the Wikipedia as I've taken my recollections, checked with on-line sources to get the chronology and proceeded from there, adding detail as I run across relevant material in the course of my reading.