Given the old geographical location issues it probably comes as no surprise to learn that this particular Music Freak has a couple of shelves of music-related DVDs.

What may come as a surprise is the relative dearth of such content on the left of screen.

There are a couple of reasons for this state of affairs, and they're reasons that suggest we won't be getting a flood of additional content any time soon.

First, when I started the original Little House of Concrete site, I thought discussions of DVDs belonged in The Living Room, which is where you'll find some content that could, perhaps, have been filed hereabouts.

Second, having watched most of them in the pre-Little House of Concrete era, there are a swag of titles that I could review, but haven't given them a recent run through the relevant player. That's not likely to change until I've cut down the backlog of album reviews that currently stands around the two dozen in progress mark, with new titles being added on a regular basis.

Third, the current early to bed, early to rise lifestyle means that the time when ordinary people might be grabbing a DVD because there's nothing interesting on TV will probably see Hughesy pushing up Zs and sawing vast quantities of timber rather than reaching for the remote.

And, finally, when something does find its way into the player, it's probably because we're entertaining a house guest, which, in turn, probably means we've grabbed The Rutles, the Dan Hicks 60th birthday concert or Richard Thompson's 1000 Years of Popular Music.

And yes, I know I should do something about those.

I'm planning to get to them.