It’s rapidly becoming obvious that some practices I thought were practical when I started out aren’t quite so workable as time goes on. It’s not, for example, always possible to work up a long essay on every album I buy, every wine I sample or every library book I read.

There’s also the small matter of generating content for Hughesy’s bi-monthly newsletter.

The Wine Pages now have a section dedicated to monthly tasting notes, so I figured the same approach might work with albums. There’s still room for longer Reviews and Rear Views, but here are the Album Notes, helpfully sorted by year and with a separate section for the content going in the next bi-monthly newsletter.

The Ratings:

5* Essential.

4.5* Highly recommended.

4* Quality recording worth a serious listen.

3.5* Interesting but non-essential.

3* Fair effort without anything to attract attention.

2.5* Others may go for this, but not my cup of tea.

2* Nothing to recommend this.

1.5* Why bother?

1* Avoid

0.5* Run very quickly in the opposite direction.